Case Study

Scan to BIM: Real Estate Developer


The client’s Campus One facility consists of 2 buildings and is currently home to 7 tenants. The buildings have 5 floors each and are connected by a common lobby entrance with a total square feet of 215,000. The existing architectural floor plans are outdated and do not reflect the latest tenant improvements. It was critical for the client to have a complete set of the latest architectural floor plans in their database. Additionally, to meet local city requirements, the client required the floor plans to be consolidated by floor instead of the current suite wise floor plans. Lastly, the client needed to have clear visualization of the spaces, marking distinction between tenant and common areas in the facility.


Sanveo’s virtual design team offered reality capture and modeling services through photogramatic 3D scanning. The photogrammetry method is a cost-effective and efficient method of reality capture as compared to traditional laser scanning. With a clear understanding of the client’s situation, Sanveo offered a price conscience solution unlike that of the current competition in the market.


Sanveo completed 3D scanning of the building by performing the work after hours and on weekends (as to not disturb current tenants) over the course of one month. Currently, our team is generating the 3D models which will lead to the preparation of the latest, accurate and consolidated floor plans. Sanveo is using auto-extraction of architectural elements likes walls, doors and windows by using the auto-extraction plug-in in Revit to drastically reduce modeling time.


As a result of 3D scanning, Sanveo’s reality capture team submitted the 3D walk-through (360 pictures) to the client. The client was able to perform a virtual walk and visualize the current interiors of the complete space inside the facility. With an updated database of accurate and consolidated floor plans, the client is now equipt to meet city requirements, conduct space management, and facilitate tenant improvements. Given the success with this engagement with Sanveo, the client has agreed to implement the same process throughout their entire portfolio.