Case Study

Scan to BIM: Tech Giant Bay Area



340,000 SQ FT



The client (GC) had to perform renovation of six office buildings, on a total of 340,000 sq. ft. In order to seamlessly design and coordinate all the new Architectural, Structural, and MEPF building systems that were to be added in the 6 buildings, the client decided to capture all existing conditions, post demolition of anything that was to be removed. A traditional approach of manual measurements was time-consuming and extremely prone to error. Given the tight time constraints and a desire for a more reliable accurate solution, the client chose Sanveo as their partner to solve this problem.


Sanveo’s solution was to perform reality capture of the complete facility through laser scanning. After scanning, the point cloud data was used to build a 3D Revit model of all trades to digitally capture and represent each existing element in the facility. This was the best-value solution for the project, as it offered a quick and accurate way to capture and digitize all building elements. The 3D Revit models built from the point clouds served as an extremely useful resource, to help the new design and coordination of all trades.


Sanveo’s team performed laser scanning to generate the point clouds for 6 buildings. A team of skilled BIM specialists developed 3D models using these point cloud. The final deliverables were the point clouds (RCP files), 3D Revit models, and Federated Navisworks models.


The 3D model based on the point cloud resulted in the client and its subcontractors saving a full 6 months out of the project schedule. The majority of these time savings came from the increased efficiencies of Sanveo’s laser scanning efforts and eliminating the need to perform field measurements manually for each trade.