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Building Information Modeling

At the forefront of the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) industry are the advances in Building Information Modeling (BIM). With the support of BIM technology, engineers can create accurate construction models that help analyze building costs, systems, and schedules. The applications of BIM continue to adapt to the changing environment of construction, expanding to projects of different types. With the numerous benefits that BIM brings to each project, it is an invaluable driver of success that will continue to grow in demand.

At Sanveo, our team of BIM engineers is trained to utilize several types of software to create the most accurate data-driven models. With the support of our oversight, we help you establish safety walkthroughs, cost analysis, and clash coordination. Through collaboration with our engineers, your team can minimize liabilities and delays to stay on track with your project deadlines and deliverables.

VDC Solutions

VDC efforts during preconstruction can help identify constructability issues, recognize gaps in sequence and schedule, and conduct real-time cost analysis. VDC integrates digital management of all data models into a highly efficient setting. Our design strategy involves multi-disciplinary controls, achieving cohesion between every different team. This establishes stronger communication to successfully manage project goals throughout the course of design and construction.

Bing Concert Hall Palo Alto CA BIM Construction Consultant Sanveo

Project Highlights

The Bing Concert Hall is a premier performing arts venue at the core of Stanford University’s campus. The hall features an innovative audience arrangement that completely encompasses the center stage. Additionally, acoustics along the walls and ceiling create optimal amplification, along with aesthetic embellishment. Sanveo established electrical BIM construction and VDC solutions that covered all systems across the 112,600 sq. ft. facility. Deliverables included MEP clash coordination which minimized time losses and resource costs.

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